We are a full-service internet development company focused on small businesses and non-profit organization web design services. Website Business Optimization and Website Business Optimization Services is our specialty. We use our years of professional design experience to listen to and guide your ideas and visions for your website. Our websites allow you to...

Impress and communicate to your visitors

Generate leads and prospects from those visitors

Sell your products or services online

Deliver faster and more efficient customer service

Increase awareness of your products and services

Improve your web site rankings in the search engines

Our Creative Team has been helping businesses and organizations develop their websites since early 2000. It is our goal to provide professional website design services at affordable rates.

Our services include but definitely are not limited to, the following:

Web Design
The site you want is the site you will get from Colley Web Services. We want you involved and excited about your web project from start to finish. Your visions are what we strive to create.

By discussing your needs, visions, and project timeframe before we quote the project, we provide a price that is fair to both parties. We examine the time and complexity of the project based on:

How much site content the client has available for the web site

If there are available graphics or if graphics need to be created

What the client's timeframe for the project is

What type of site they require (i.e Flash, HTML, or Retrofit)

All our project quotations are flexible price estimates. The "flexible price" estimate is unique in that we will reduce the overall cost of the project if takes less time than we estimated. For example: If we estimate the project will take 40 hours and it actually takes 30 hours- you pay for 30 hours.

Our web design services include: Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Graphic & Logo Design, Photo Editing, Flash/Multimedia Development, Search Engine Optimization, CGI-Script Installation & Programming, Database/E-Commerce Solutions, Post-Project Site Maintenance, and Customer Service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Contact us with your ideas and visions for a price quotation.

Search Engine Optimization
One of the most frustrating things about owning a web site is typing in a keyword related to your site and not seeing it come up in the search results. If you are currently experiencing this frustration...our ranking improvement consultation:

Informs you of how the Search Engines are currently ranking pages.

Analyzes your existing Web pages and gives plain-English advice on how to improve them.

Assists in submitting your new and changed pages to the major search engines.

Reports your positions on each search engine for each keyword you are targeting.

Helps you create & implement your search engine positioning strategy quickly.

Ranking Improvement Consultation is a flat fee of $300. That fee includes a one time report of your sites ranking in the search engines and an extensive overview of the steps you will need to take to accomplish improved ranking results. Contact us for further information.

Web Maintenance/Content Management
Keeping your site's content fresh and up to date is important if you're looking to increase the amount of people returning to your site. We offer hourly and monthly rates to maintain your site and get your updates uploaded quickly. Simply call us or e-mail us what you want added, edited, or deleted and we will make the changes that very day.

Our "On-Call Maintenance" package is just $150.00 per month. This package is geared toward web sites that add or edit pages a couple times each month, but would like to have a web designer "on-call" to quickly make these edits when they need them.

Our "Steady Maintenance" package is $300 per month. This package is geared toward web sites that add or edit pages a couple times each week.

These packages both include unlimited content adds and edits to your web site. New pages can be added to the site under these packages as long as the design of the pages remains the same. In the event new graphics are needed for new pages, the creation of the new graphics will be charged at our hourly rate.

If your business is seasonal and requires a higher level of maintenance in certain months and lower maintenance in others we can split the rates to accommodate you.

How quickly do we respond? Contact us for client references.

Internet Consulting
We offer consultation on every aspect of the Internet. Whether you need to better understand how the whole process works or simply need advice on your existing site-we can help get you up to speed quickly.



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